A 72nd St. Self Storage doesn’t assume ANY LIABILITY for your belongings. Self storage of your belongings is at your own risk. We suggest you contact your homeowners or renters insurance policy agent before renting a self storage unit with us at A 72nd St. Self Storage. With that being said, please look over a few helpful tips for a smoother move in:

* NO self storage of anything explosive or combustible.

* NO Hazardous materials.

* NO storage of anything Illegal.

* Keep all your goods covered with a cover and or plastic, this helps keep the dust off. Avoid sealing your items in plastic bags, as this leads to humidity build up.

* Store your most used items in the front of the self storage unit. This makes for easier access when needed.

* Make an aisle way in your self storage unit, again for easy access.

* Label all your boxes with the contents. Then you know what’s inside!

* Use the fridge, dresser, and trash cans to store other small items. This helps make MORE space!

* Use a moisture absorber and sticky critter tabs in your self storage unit. The moisture absorbers helps keep the self storage unit dry, and the critter sticky tabs help keep any bugs at bay. Both these items can be purchased at A 72nd St. Self Storage.

* Also review and understand our self storage rental agreement before leasing from us at A 72nd St. Self Storage.



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